Revenue Sharing

The revenue sharing feature is a 7 level, downline of sharing revenue received by Morris Williams with a Morris Williams Sponsoring Associate or SGA.  The sponsoring Associate SGA receives a bonus of 10% of what revenue Morris Williams receives from the Sponsored Associate or SDA who successfully joins Morris Williams.  Then subsequently receives bonuses for each Sponsored Associate downline as follows:

In the event the Sponsored Associate (SDA) then refers a hired Associate,  then the SDA also becomes an SGA,  Sponsoring Associate, with their own downline.  NOTE: SGA’s can have as many SDA’s as you wish to sponsor.

SGA (you receive the following)
SDA 1 (your sponsored Associates) 10%
          SDA 2 sponsored Associates 5%
          SDA 3 through SDA 7 sponsored Associates 1%

Therefore, all Upline Sponsoring Associates are paid bonuses for all Downline Sponsored Associates

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