We asked our Associates a question. “What would you say to a real estate agent who is considering accepting a sales position with Morris Williams Realty?”

Here are a few responses…………..

“Joining Morris Williams Realty is the right decision. What is the Morris Williams difference for me?

– No large overhead structure to support through compensation splits

– Autonomy to focus on my core business of helping clients buy/sell their homes

– A boss who actually calls to congratulate and thank me for my accomplishments

– Webinars where I can learn new things 7×24 rather than having the scheduling dilemma of helping a client vs. attending an office meeting

– Achievement of the “paperless” documentation – ACTPRO database used to store transactions, accessible by   clients and me 7×24

– Having access to an administrative staff who are courteous and responsive at all times

As a seasoned professional, I appreciate the management style and the tools that Morris Williams Realty offers.     Morris Williams Realty is on the leading edge of transforming the industry through use of technology for communication, education, and compliance.”

Amy Aoyama

“Morris Williams Realty operates out of three States, California, Florida and Texas. Being a fairly new associate with this company, I have nothing but good things to say. First there is constant support and management of files, education and updates of new and improved ways of doing business. Every “silly” question gets answered.

I love the fact that the Broker, Steven Morris is always a phone call away. MWR rocks!!!”

Barbara Absalom

“I have worked for one of the larger real estate firms (around 1000 agents) in the Sacramento area as an agent, then office manager, and then trainer for the company. I know what it takes for an agent to be successful and the fee structure of many of the franchise Brokers.   What Morris Williams offers to an experienced agent is one of the best deals out there. Great office support, cutting edge technology, cloud based transactions, and to be honest and most importantly…more of my hard earned dollars back to me. It takes only a few minutes to compare and it is a no brainer: You will choose Morris Williams.”

Mike Gray

Great Company to work with!!!! Very professional and prompt to help with in any situation. They provide constant training and tools to help the sales agents to be successful, and be up to date with new technologies, as well as providing each and every document needed on the MRW I-office. Give it a try, you won’t regret it!!!!

Sara Cespedes

“As an Agent that was seeking the right Broker to match my work ethic and “no nonsense” attitude, I received Morris Williams Realty’s email, which intrigued me enough to visit the website. The clear communication of their programs/splits along with a long conversation with Steven, made it an obvious choice for me. They are available if and when you need assistance, offer just the right amount of education and updates from the comfort of my home office, and minimal time away from clients. Driven Agents need support, access, and the right compensation to be their best. MWR offers that!”

Lori Guthrie

“I am highly impressed with Morris Williams Realty as they provide a high level of support to their associates. Steven Morris and staff is available to answer questions and help with transactions that are problematic, reflecting his unique vision for the company and 35+ years of experience. They provide the latest tech solutions, your personal website and other perks, too many to list.”

Liz Jimenez

“It is really a pleasure to be a part of MWR. In the beginning I was a little bit hesitant about joining but I have to admit that I was more than impressed by mwr. The technological back office is amazing. They provide us with all this technology and also taught us how to use it (very easy by the way) I am very happy to have joined this company.”

Gabriel Torres

“I love working for Morris Williams Realty. This is my 20th year in real estate and I wish I had discovered MWR sooner! Every member of the office staff goes out of their way to help us in any way that they can. They are terrific! I now have a home office and I honestly can say that I don’t miss the large beautiful office that I had with my previous company. MWR and their office staff are “THE BEST”!

Avis Garoutte

“Morris Williams Realty is all you need. They are constantly providing education through webinars. I am very happy with Steven Morris! I would recommend any one to work for Morris Williams.”

Vijay Biligiri

“I have been with Morris Williams for several years and have not experienced such support in my Real Estate Career from Tech Support right up to the Broker and principal of the firm. They always make themselves available anytime any day. Morris Williams is very innovative in their ongoing training and are always holding meetings with 3rd parties who can enhance our business.

I can truly say I am business for myself but not by myself.

I am extremely happy that I joined Morris Williams when I did. My daughter, who lives in Orlando, wants to become a Realtor too and desires to join with Morris Williams too.   That says it all!”

Doug Stone

“I haven’t been with MWR for very long but I have been welcomed very warmly. Each time I have any type of transaction I received a phone call directly from Steven Morris congratulating me and acknowledging me on my hard work. And if I have any questions or concerns regarding a closing I received my answer very timely from Vesda Williams. It is nice to know that you can easily reach out to both of them. Thank you Steven and Vesda for allowing me to come on board!”

Janine Rusnell

“Joining the team of professionals at Morris Williams Realty has been one of my best career choices. Great communication, Broker support and the freedom needed for me to be successful. The company is constantly evolving using the latest technology and tools to make my job easier and to always keep me informed. The systems they have in place are easy to navigate and use on a daily basis. Being part of the MWR team gives me the confidence I need to get the job done!”

Dawn Williams

“I consider myself to be a team player whether in sales or whatever I take part in and Morris Williams is the only Real Estate Company that has ever been on my team. Steven and Vesda are the captains and they want all the members of their team to succeed. The tools they provide me and all of their agents such as paperless transactions, support that is a single phone call away and internet based learning tools that I can participate in at my convenience are just a few of the many tools I am afforded by MWR. Not to mention, the commission split that is the best in Real Estate without any hidden fees or add on fees that all other brokerages charge their agents, I feel I am able to actually earn what I am worth and that motivates me to work even harder and spread the word about what a great company MWR is. I believe I was one of their first agents in Central Florida in 2010 and I have never had anything but high praise for Steven, Vesda & MWR! Give MWR a try….you will be glad you did!”

Lynn Ganster

“I was with Lyon Real Estate for 12 years. When the manager of the office left and came to MWR. I followed. I’ll tell you, it was the BEST decision I have ever made! The fees are really good and I would swear that Vesda doesn’t sleep because she really turns around the transaction progress so fast! You get paid really quickly! I just love it! No more working my butt off for 50% commission. If you’re thinking about making a change you have to check out Morris Williams, you won’t regret it!”

Lisa Ybarra

:Why Morris Williams Realty?

Here are just few good reasons.

– With MWR I definitely am keeping more of my commission in my pocket than any other brokerage company I worked with throughout my years as a realtor.

– I am very impressed with the electronic system that helps me keep track of my transactions and consequently achieve my goals.

– It amazes me how quick I get answers to my questions. It is faster than getting answers from my previous broker, although office was in walking distance to my residence.

– I feel I am treated very fair that I never thought about getting my broker license anymore. (A thought that always surfaced when I got upset with my X brokers.:) -MWR just the right thing for me.”

Bassil Bassil

“Morris Williams is a great place to work!! We were not happy at our previous agency. Steven and Vesda respond to all inquiries promptly, they are always there to show support or answer any questions that may arise. I love working for MWR!!!”

Valentina Giusti

“To all Realtors – Morris Williams Realty should be your home if you are anything like me: A serious, professional Realtor who seeks a company where the owners are equally professional, sincere and kind. This company is unique in that the managers frequently demonstrate their interest in improving the skill and success of their agents. Training is great. Helpful contact from the broker is frequent (he is amazingly accessible). And the on-line “agent office” that we use to upload transaction documents is by far the best that I have experienced. It is unbelievably simple and efficient to use (a proprietary system built by the owner and available nowhere else; it is massively superior to anything I had previously experienced with three other large real estate companies). In short, Morris Williams Realty is a smoothly operated brokerage and a very friendly, encouraging place for its agents. A classy outfit all the way, and I am always proud to say that I work for them.”

Mark Musgrave

“I’ve been in the business since my early twenty’s. Met many industry people. Mr. Morris and Ms. Williams are very special people. Steven is the consummate broker, being in the business since the late seventy’s. He understands the intricate nature of commercial real estate; having all the answers. Who would not want to be on a team with leaders? Morris Williams Realty is a championship team built on years of experience and a fountain of knowledge.”

Albert Poledri, Jr.

“Happy, elated and impressed are just few of the words that come to mind, when I think of my experience after joining Morris Williams Realty. Give your career a boost and join a firm that truly cares and supports its agents. The online tools provided will give you an edge in your marketplace and help you streamline and manage your business.”

Jesus M. Fernandez

“I have been a Realtor in New Smyrna Beach, Fl. for 15 years and have been at several brokerages during this time. When I received an e-mail from Steven Morris concerning joining MWR and the program he is offering, I pondered for quite a while. The idea that I could work from home, not competing against a Listing/Selling owner Broker, blew my mind. No office meetings, no floor time, and the income I had lost during my 15 years was unbelievable. I met with Steven and became a member of MWR. I have had several closings and was amazed when I received my commission checks at what I had been losing.

I never had an owner or broker call me personally and compliment me on a Listing or Closing as MWR does. Everything I have ever done I generated myself. With all the tools MRW offers to promote your business is undeniably the top of the line. I wish I had heard from MWR years ago. Thank you MWR.”

Dick Bradfield

“Relatively new to the Real Estate industry I was bombarded with offers from big box Brokers promising leads, training and success. A respected Real Estate professional and close family friend in the industry offered me the valuable advice of joining MWR. MWR has given me all of the things the big box Brokers offered at a fraction of the costs. This team is like family offering assistance any time it is needed and giving you every single tool and resource you need to succeed. By far the best career decision I have ever made. I look forward to many more decades of success with my Morris Williams family.”

Andrea Tirpak
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